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The company is now in the period of rapid development, for the society wide recruitment of talents, if you are a dream, fight, passion, dare to fight, uneasy with the status quo, welcome to join our sales team, create brilliant together! The company provides a transparent, fair competition environment, broad space for growth and competitive compensation and welfare system.

Wanted: Sales manager

1. Develop new markets and customers and increase the market share of the company's products;
2. Establish and maintain customer relations and achieve sales targets;
3. Responsible for collecting market information within the jurisdiction and making monthly sales plans;
4. Obey the arrangement of the company, abide by the regulations, and have team spirit;
5. Good at communication, active thinking, proactive, self-motivated, strong learning ability and sense of responsibility;
6, good attitude, will not be discouraged because of being rejected, a good salesman is more brave people;
7. Can think from the perspective of the company and customers;

1. Bachelor degree or above; Fresh graduate
2. More than 1 year sales experience in industry is preferred, car is preferred;
3. Excellent market analysis and insight, strong ability to work under pressure;

The company benefits
1, the company's agency industry top ten, Japan Hasegawa flavor, industry influence is huge, the product aroma lifelike, stable, soft, stay fragrant for a long time, high cost performance
2. One and a half days off every week, rest in ordinary holidays according to national regulations, and about 15 days paid annual leave in the Spring Festival every year
3. Salary composition: high basic salary without responsibility + uncapped high commission + travel allowance + full attendance award
4. The company organizes dinner parties and other activities every month and travels once a year
5. The company organizes regular internal training and professional training for suppliers from time to time
6. Social Security + commercial insurance
7, business trip accommodation + dinner + customer hospitality + oil + tolls are all covered by the company
8. Work at 9 am, work at 5.30 PM, convenient transportation, BRT, subway (under construction) are downstairs
The company established more than 12 years, numerous customer resources, good prospects, can be a lifelong goal!!